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Concealed Flush Bolt:

A concealed flush bolt is a type of door bolt that is designed to be hidden from view when it is installed in a door. It is usually installed on the inactive leaf of a double door, and it is used to keep the door closed and secure when it is not in use.


The concealed flush bolt is installed in the edge of the door and in other words it is installed on door shutter thickness space which is around 30mm to 80mm then it become easy to installed on shutter and it is designed to be flush with the surface of the door so that it is not visible when the door is closed. The bolt is operated by a lever or knob that is located on the edge of the door, and it can be easily locked and unlocked to secure the door.


One of the main benefits of a concealed flush bolt is that it provides a secure way to keep a double door closed without interfering with the aesthetics of the door. Since the bolt is hidden from view, it does not detract from the overall appearance of the door, which is important for many homeowners and businesses.


Another benefit of a concealed flush bolt is that it is relatively easy to install and maintain. Once it is installed, it typically requires very little maintenance, and it can provide years of reliable service. This makes it a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses who want a reliable and secure way to keep their double doors closed.


Concealed flush only can applicable if door is double on single door it can not be applied.


It is made with different material as per customer need it comes in SS 304 and SS 202 and mild steel and hard plastic made for UPVC doors. It is also a customized product from the size of 150mm to 600mm.


1 For installing flush bolt a provision is required on the non working shutter of the double door as per the size of concealed flush bolt.

2 Insert the flush bolt in the made provision and screw it up.





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