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Product Portfolio

Metal Doors

Residential Metal Door

A new era of doors has been started after seeing the pollution increasing due to cutting of trees, excessive termite exsistence in woods.residential metal doors are latest product to replace wooden doors with same asthetic look of wooden doors but made of pure steel with high durability, cost efficeint and tremite free.residential metal doors are made of 0.8mm sheet for shutter and 1.2mm outerframe thickness with 46 mm overall thickness of door. doors can be single door, double door, twin door.we have size of outer frame 170mm*52mm for twin door.

Fire Doors

Metal Fire Door

Made of gi/gpsp sheet. with sheet thickness of 0.8mm to 1.6mm.

Shutter thickness is usually 35-60mm.

Wooden Doors


We are among leading companies involved in manufacturing, trading and exporting a wide range of fire doors. Supply of door frames made from Hardwood of size 120*60mm suitable for Fire Resistance Shutters of 120 minutes, with heat activated fire seal strips of size 10*4mm provided in grooves on all three sides of the frame.Made of 46mm thick asbestos free composite fire and smoke check wooden shutter of 120 minutes rating confirming to BS: 476 part-22 & IS: 3614 part-II comprising of 16mm thick fire resistance insulation filler sandwiching with two no 12mm thick non Combustible boards with 70*40mm hardwood internal timber frame work and faced with 3mm thick commercial ply on both sides. Insulation of Calcium Silicate Board.

Panic Bars

Panic Bar

A Panic bar (also known as a Panic exit device, or Push bar) is a type of door opening mechanism which allows users to open a door by pushing a bar. While originally conceived as a way to prevent crowd crashing in an emergency, panic bars are now used as the primary door opening mechanism in many commercial buildings.The device consists of a spring-loaded metal bar which is fixed horizontally to a door that swings in the direction of an exit. Depressing the bar unlatches the door, allowing occupants to quickly leave the building.Modern fire standards often mandate that doors be fitted with crash bars in commercial and other occupancies where mass evacuation may be slowed by other types of door openers.They are sometimes intended solely for emergency use and may be fitted with alarms. However, in many buildings the panic bar functions as the primary mechanism for opening a door in normal circumstances as well. They may even be used when not required by code because they are quicker and easier for users compared with a knob or door handle.



Ball bearing hinges look very similar to standard butt hinges. The difference lies at the pivot point, where there are hidden bearings placed between the knuckles of the hinge, either between each knuckle (for heaviest applications) or just a couple of the knuckles. Ball bearing hinges are considered heavy-duty hinges. we recommend using them on solid core and exterior doors for smoother operation and durability.

Made of Stainless Steel 304 Grade

Size 100mm x 75mm x 75mm, 125mm x 75mm x 75mm.

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