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Dead Lock


A deadlock is a type of lock commonly used on doors that require a higher level of security than a standard door lock. Deadlocks typically use a cylinder mechanism, which requires a key to lock and unlock the door from the outside.


Dead Lock comes in different sizes and grade of material such as 202 grade and 304 grade even in mild steel .As per the customer need depending upon the requirement .


To make a deadlock, a cylinder is first inserted into the door. The cylinder has a keyhole on the outside and a mechanism on the inside that can be turned with a key. When the key is turned, the mechanism inside the cylinder moves a bolt or latch that extends from the lock into a hole in the door frame, thereby securing the door.


Deadlock locks are often used in server rooms and high security areas and lockers and main entrance of doors. These are used in situations where extra security is required, such as on external doors, doors leading to high-value areas, or doors in shared buildings.


They are typically made from durable materials such as steel, and can be fitted with additional features like reinforced plates or anti-drill guards to make them even more secure.


Overall, deadlocks provide a reliable and effective way to secure doors, and are commonly used in a variety of settings where security is a priority.


These Dead Locks comes with standard size Cylinder for smooth operation. These doors are suitable for wooden as well as metal doors. Cylinder comes with two side key slot or one side key slot and second side knob.



1 For Dead lock Installation, We must have a provision in Metal Door in advance.

2 After that we have to insert dead lock in the given provision for any kind of Metal door must suitable to the design of dead lock

3 Than We need to fix screw into the given area

4 For wooden doors Installer have to make provision according to the Dead lock.







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