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A door closer is a mechanical device that is installed on a door to automatically close it after it has been opened. It is typically used in commercial buildings, public spaces, and other areas where doors need to be closed automatically for security, energy efficiency, or convenience reasons.

We have different sizes and weighting capacity of door closer from 30 kg to 150 kg. Models come as single speed and double speed and hold open door closer and concealed door closer. Door closer is basically made with aluminium die casting and mild steel etc.


How it works: Door closers consist of a spring-loaded mechanism that is mounted on the top of the door frame and a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder that controls the speed at which the door closes. When a door is opened, the spring is compressed, and when the door is released, the spring pushes the door back towards its closed position. The hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder helps to control the speed at which the door closes, preventing it from slamming shut and potentially causing damage or injury.


The use of a door closer offers several benefits. First and foremost, it ensures that doors are closed properly, which is important for security, as well as for maintaining a comfortable temperature inside a building. Door closers also help to prevent drafts and reduce energy costs by minimizing the amount of air that escapes through open doors.


In addition to their functional benefits, door closers are also important for compliance with building codes and fire safety regulations. Many building codes require that certain types of doors, such as fire doors, be equipped with a door closer to ensure that they close automatically in the event of a fire or other emergency.


Overall, a door closer is an important component of any commercial building's security, energy efficiency, and safety systems.


1 Before installing door closer please ensure that it is aligned properly for smooth working/ closing of doors.

2 We should check speed of door closer which can be managed according to our requirement or weight of door.

3 We must install door closer after checking size and weight of door.





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