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Metal Fire doors are typically made with a solid core of materials that have been tested and certified to resist fire for a certain period of time. The most common materials used for the core incl

Metal Fire Doors are made with shutter thickness 0.8mm to 1.6 mm and outer frame thickness will be 1.2 mm to 1.6mm. It has two type of outer frame with a size of 52*110mm and 52*145mm.Shutter thickness can be varied from 45mm to 65mm.

The door faces are then typically made of metal, such as steel, or wood. The door and frame assembly is designed to fit tightly within the surrounding wall, and often includes intumescent strips or other materials that expand when exposed to heat, helping to seal the gaps around the door and prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire doors may also include additional features, such as automatic closing devices, panic hardware, or glazing that has been tested to resist fire. They are typically labeled with information about their fire rating, such as the number of minutes they can withstand fire, and should be installed and maintained in accordance with local building codes and regulations.

Fire doors are needed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within a building. They are designed to resist the passage of flames, heat, and hot gases, providing a barrier that can slow down the progress of a fire and give occupants more time to escape safely.


Fire doors are typically installed in areas where fires are most likely to start, such as near kitchens, electrical rooms, and heating systems. They are also used to compartmentalize buildings, creating fire-resistant zones that help contain the fire and limit its spread.


In addition to their role in preventing the spread of fire, fire doors also help to protect property and assets by reducing the amount of damage caused by a fire. They are an essential safety feature in any building and are often required by building codes and regulations.


Fire Doors are specifically made with installation of mineral fiber wool and honeycomb paper and Puff .This is as per need of customer to match their requirement.


Doors are made with 30 minutes to 360 minutes fire rating. So that any tremendous accident can be avoid with the help of fire doors.


1 For metal door installation, Firstly we need to fix outer frame by using fasteners and its mandatory to check alignment of outer frame with wall and floor , other wise door will not work properly, or it can misalign.

2 After fixing outer frame, we have to fix hinges on shutter/ door and then it will be screwed with fixed outer frame after checking proper working of shutter on both side or single side.

3 Then related hardware is installed.

4 Please make sure proper alignment of door and outer frame.









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