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1 Panic bar:

Panic bar refer to a type of door hardware that allows for easy and quick exit in case of an emergency. They are often used in commercial or public buildings where there may be a large number of people who need to evacuate quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency.

A "Panic bar" is a horizontal bar that is installed on the inside of a door and allows someone to push it to open the door quickly. It is sometimes called an "Exit Device" or "Crash Bar".It also allows someone to push it to open the door quickly.A "Panic Exit Device" is a term that is often used interchangeably with panic bar or push bar.

Panic bar for Single Door is also called Single Point Panic Bar and for Double Doors combination of Double Point and Single Point Panic bar is used which is called Three Point Panic bar

Single point panic bar is having horizontal rod and Double point panic bar has vertical locking mechanism with horizontal push rod.

This Panic Bar is made with iron and aluminium and SS composition.


i) Push type Panic bar DB1000

ii) Push Type Panic bar DB2000

iii) Rim type Panic bar DB1100

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