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2 External Trim:(DB2905)

External trim is often used on emergency exit doors in commercial buildings and other public spaces to provide easy access in the event of an emergency. An external trim typically consists of a lever or handle on the outside of the door that can be turned to release the latch and open the door.

External trim can be used from outside and can be locked from outside but at the time of emergency when we will push panic bar from inside still it work even after getting locked from outside.

Emergency exit doors are designed to allow quick and safe evacuation in the event of an emergency such as a fire, earthquake, or other hazard. In order to be effective, these doors must be easy to open from the inside and the outside. This is where the external trim comes in.

In most cases, an emergency exit door is locked from the outside to prevent unauthorized access. However, the external trim provides a means for authorized personnel to easily open the door from the outside in case of an emergency. The external trim is typically designed to override any locks or security mechanisms on the door and can be operated without a key.

External trim is not mandatory for each and every door to be installed, but it is installed where we need two side access of doors

such as if you only one or two opening on any floor and panic bar is mandatory to be installed on that door as per NBC then we can put external trim from outside so that door can be operated from outside and making panic bar latch unlock by pushing the lever handle of trim.

It is also used in case of stair case to unlock door from outside.

It is important to ensure that the external trim on an emergency exit door is installed correctly and maintained properly to ensure that it functions properly when needed. It is also important to ensure that the external trim is not accessible to unauthorized personnel, as this could compromise the security of the building.


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